Janice and Lainie, the new BEJC coordinators for 2008!

29 Feb 2008 – Qie Lan (a.k.a. “Lainie”) & Janice Lee of the Conservation Biology Lab have taken over the running of the Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club from the 2007 coordinators, Laura-Marie Yap and Eunice Tan of the Spider Lab.

Laura and Eunice who held the fort since Jan 2007 handed over the reins of coordinators on 29th February 2008. The two new eager and able successors, Janice and Lainie, will communicate with hosts and speakers to setup seminars and keep a lookout for speakers we might want to invite down to the department.

So the system is in place after a smooth transition and here are our poster girls erm, coordinators for 2008!

Lainie and Janice, BEJC Coordinators, 2008.

In the past year, we have been fotunate to listen to a variety of informative and passionate speakers, and the talks were well publicised to the community beyond NUS through departmental posters (Yong An Nee), departmental emails (Chan Yee Ngoh), Raffles Museum News (Ivan Tan), WildSingapore (Ria Tan), Ecotax and Habitatnews!

You may notice we have the feeds to these lists and blogs on the sidebar of this blog. The BEJC webpage too has just been shifted to: nusbiodiversity.wordpress.com/bejc/ (see tab at top of the page)

See you at a seminar some time!

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