In defense of Portunus pelagicus

Joelle Lai had her PhD defense today. After two weeks of revisiting her thesis and constructing a concise presentation, she conducted an excellent delivery and did justice to five years of field, museum and molecular work. And she finally got to show off her haplotype network diagrams!

After a feisty Q&A, the audience left her to a grilling by her examiners which she survived. After a post-presentation debrief, she was last seen headed out of campus to celebrate.

Congratulations Joelle!

One thought on “In defense of Portunus pelagicus

  1. Hello. I am looking to contact Joelle to receive her permission to publish a photo that she took of Bertrand de richer de Forges when they discovered the “Jurassic shrimp” off of New Caledonia. Could someone please get in touch with her and ask her to get in touch with me at

    Thanks, and all my best.

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