Nalini’s videos to be used in UNSW Evolution class

One of the reviewers for Nalini’s recent submission to BMC Evolutionary Biology Journal was so taken by her exquisite video rendering of the subtle intricacies of sepsid fly courtship that he shed his anonymity in order to call her study “brilliant”, offer her a Ph.D or postdoc position at his lab AND request for her permission to show these videos during his evolution classes at UNSW.

Reviews of Nalini’s yet-to-be-published paper include:

“This is a really excellent manuscript….. I know of no other comparative study of sexual conflict that includes this many species….I firmly believe that this paper will be cited numerous times….The study is sound. The conclusions derived appropriate…. I have not seen this in a manuscript before and was very impressed. I recommend that this manuscript be published with priority.” – Reviewer #2

“This is a beautifully detailed piece of work reminiscent of the more careful biology of generations past…. These findings will be of interest to evolutionary biologists, and certainly deserve to be published.” – Reviewer #1

This is the second time Nalini’s videos have been featured to rave reviews (the first being an entire exhibit to her own at the Zoological Museum of Zürich), proving yet again that sexy fly sex sells.

Incidentally the fly species Perochaeta dikowi is a new one described by Ang et al., Mr. Ang Yuchen is an honours undergraduate in our lab. It’s in Systematic Entomology, currently in press.


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