Marine Bio Lab super cleanup

In case you still don’t know what was the smell that dominated the S1 & S2 building at 31/07/2008 (Thursday), it was coming from the fridge of the field store!

20+ people joined the Marine Bio Lab’s SUPER cleanup yesterday, and successfully tidied up the lab, the (ultra stinky) field store and the dive store! Kudos to the lab’s members!

A little bit of sidelines:
– Terrapin blood stinks, badly…
– More than 3 types of air refreshers, together with N95 masks, were used to make the cleaners staying alive!
– About 7-truck-trip of rubbish was dumped!

Small store…

Supports BIG diversity (and abundance)!

Frozen Freezer… Please use chisel to open…

Essential materials for cleaning…

How to clean a stinking fridge (without wearing mask!) – Abby

Thank you (the bosses) for the KFC, it’s “licking finger” good!


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