Where is David Bickford?

Where has the frogman gone?.

He used to be a friendly face in the corridors of Block S2 when he suddenly vanished. Rumour had it he was banished to the Cold Palace in Block S15 where he is setting up shop.

So yes, it’s true – he has spanking new digs and I accosted Mingko one day for some pictures which she just sent me. I only had to holler at her twice in the corridor so its pretty fast work!

She says,

“S15, the former computing block, is now the Centre for Quantum Mechanics. Our [biodiversity] guys are on the 4th Floor.

David Bickford is at S15 04-08 and Ted Webb is at S15 04-07 and the ELTI folks are in 04-06 (more about him and them later).

The last picture is David pretending to be a Quantum Mechanics Theoretician – that stuff is in the CQT staff lounge in the 3rd floor. On the walls!”

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