Email subscription via Feedburner

Feedburner provides an email subscription feed derived from the RSS of this site – its a day late but excellent for an infrequently updated site like this one. Especially since many of the “crew” are not RSS-users. The blog is so quiet that even I forget it exists sometimes, But when a post does appear, it does offer some light relief from an otherwise stressful INBOX!

Of course first you have to know it exists. One of the honours students just discovered its existence when he heard about the use of Duc’s comment in a STOMP post. His rather confused look (about the presence of this blog) led to this note:

How to sign up for the NUS Biodiversity Crew email newsletter.

  1. First visit The Biodiversity crew @ NUS at
  2. The follow the three steps below.
  3. You will receive an immediate email requesting confirmation of your subscription. Check your spam or junk folder if you do not see anything in your INBOX. Click reply and send that off and you’re done.

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