Faculty awards!

Faculty Awards for teaching and service, well done everyone!

L-R: Tommy Tan, Laura-Marie Yap, Rudolf Meier,
Jose Christopher E. “JC” Mendoza, Reena Devi

J.C. kindly sent in this report:

The Faculty of Science 2008 Awards were given to the different members of the faculty’s component departments in a ceremony at the University Hall last Friday (14 November 2008). Present at the awarding ceremony were Prof. Andrew Wee, Dean of the Faculty of Science, with Prof. Tan Thiam Soon, Vice-Provost for Education, as Guest of Honor.

The Bio-D group of the Department of Biological Sciences, bagged a good number of awards this year:

Faculty Teaching Excellence Award
A/Prof Rudolf Meier
Mr. Sivasothi N.

Teaching Assistant Award (Part-Time)
Mr. Jose Christopher Mendoza
Ms. Phyu Phyu Tun Karenne
Ms. Yap Yen Ling, Laura-Marie

Outstanding Service Award
Mr. Tan Han Tong, Tommy

Long Service Award
Prof. Peter K. L. Ng (20 years)
Prof. Chou Loke Ming (30 years)

According to JC, Laura & Tommy, who were present during the ceremony, one of the most memorable moments was when the students’ feedback on the Teaching Excellence awardees were read out for the audience, with one student reportedly gushing over A/Prof Meier’s “sexy classroom voice”.

Congratulations everyone!

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