Duc moves on

Six years and four months since he stepped onto the pirate ship that is Ecolab, Duc returned to Hanoi yesterday with his Phd in his pocket, ready to start his own empire building back in Vietnam.

The last week was crazy with him distilling his life in Singapore into little boxes, sorting specimens and hosting Dr. Zettel, his long time collaborator. Nevertheless, that did not deter him from taking two days out to help with the massive lab reshuffle.

Also, here are more pictures of Duc in the lab and as a TA during his grad student years.

Modeling the brand new BioD polos

Sewing tray nets!

Of course, he managed to wrangle a curry fish head treat from the boss for the entire lab before he left. Hooray!

lab lunch

Candid lab shot

To those who missed saying your goodbyes, fret not! He will be back periodically for visits. Ecolab will not be able to get rid of him this easily. All the best and good luck Duc!

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