Ywee Chieh clears a hurdle

Graduate students undergo a qualifying exam before their projects are okay-ed for PhD pursuit. Its is typically a nerve-wracking time and probably a time many wonder why they are doing this in the first place. And a typical approach is to count down to and lament about the approaching “doomsday”.

However in the process of preparation, students realise they can make more sense of their subject matter than they might have thought they could and examiners may actually provide useful and realistic tips about project direction.

Ywee Chieh was the latest “victim” against the backdrop of undergraduate exams. The usual angst was amplified when her QE was announced on ecotax much to her dismay, but it is the usual practise.

In the end she did fine. In fact, when I saw her leaving campus in the evening, she was smiling. The QE had proved to be a fruitful session and actually brought her much relief; well done Ywee Chieh!

Last minute modification in SR4 before the grilling begins.

All done!

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