Finally, a second year biodiversity module!

This has been in the works for some time and we finally received the wonderful news – The Board of Undergraduate Studies has approved two modules that were recently submitted.

So we FINALLY have a second year biodiversity module in the form of “LSM2251 Ecology and Environment”.

The second module that was also approved is “LSM4264 Freshwater Biology”.

To the biodiversity students of past years who were unable to take such modules, I can only say we sympathise with you. Some of you were involved in feedback to the university at various levels that helped set this up so thank you for your efforts for your juniors!


2 thoughts on “Finally, a second year biodiversity module!

  1. Hey there,

    can this module can be taken in place of one of the 2nd yr core modules? Would be a great relief if that is the case.
    Also, is it a preclusion/prerequisite of any other module?


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