New Diptera Book

We are pleased to announce that the book “Diptera Diversity: Status, Challenges and Tools” has been published. Prof Meier is one of three editors of this hotly-anticipated book for all dipterists.


This very attractive book not only comes complete with comprehensive information about Diptera biodiversity, it also includes gorgeous colour pictures and photos of flies, maps (and charts). It retails for €119/US$186 here.

Some of us may remember Dr. Patrick Grootaert from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, a dolichopodid expert and regular collaborator with the NUS Biodiversity group. In this book, he authors a fascinating chapter on the diversity and taxonomic challenges of Oriental Diptera. He is currently here in Singapore to lay out the framework for the SMIP (Singapore Mangrove Insect Project) and to provide us with vast quantities of Belgian chocolate.

Incidentally, Prof Meier also coauthors 2 chapters with our biodiversity alumni, Gaurav G. Vaidya and Guanyang Zhang, who is currently at UC Riverside completing his PhD on the systematics of reduviids (assassin bugs).

Here’s a shoutout to the Heteropteran Systematics Lab @ UCR, current home of two ex-evolab denizens.

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