Reuben and his twisted microsnail

Tan Cheng Li of The Star (Malaysia) featured Opisthostoma vermiculum and Reuben Clements’ work on 23 Jun 2009 in an article entitled “Bizarre twists.” [pdf]

Arizona State University’s International Institute for Species Exploration included Opisthostoma vermiculumin its top 10 species for 2008 – see “A Snail that’s Whorls Apart.” Links to media highlights include CNN and Mongabay.

Now Tan Cheng Li takes a closer look at the significance and the discussion that ensued highlights Reuben’s motivation and the promise and race that awaits malacologists amidst Malaysia’s disappearing limestone karsts. Hop over for an interesting read – link.

Thanks to Reuben and Ria (WildSingapore) for the alerts.

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