Teaching award recipients 2008/9

28 Sep 2009 – News from Rudolf Meier:

“I am very happy to convey the news about teaching in AY2008/2009. DBS did very well and received the largest number of faculty teaching awards for any FOS [Faculty of Science] department (7). We also topped the list for part-time TA awards.

With best wishes,

Rudolf Meier”

Faculty Teaching Excellence Award Winners

  • Dr Chew Fook Tim
  • Prof Chou Loke Ming
  • Dr Lam Siew Hong
  • A/P Loh Chiang Shiong
  • Mr N Sivasothi
  • Dr Seow Teck Keong
  • A/P Yu Hao

Faculty Honour Roll Inductions

  • Prof Ip Yuen Kwong, Alex
  • A/P Rudolf Meier

TA (Part Time) Winners

  • Ang Hui Fang Andie
  • Ang Yuchen
  • Hee Kim Hor Daryl
  • Lim Shimin Gwynne
  • Loong Ai May
  • Jose Christopher E. Mendoza
  • Ng Yi Hui Eunice
  • Laura Yap Yen Ling
  • Tok Chia Yee

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