Bicky is happy about his new lab t-shirt!

WHY is he so happy?

Update, 09 Oct 2009:

Front Panel

Back panel

Sam Howard explains,

“The back panel is Rhacophorus pardalis from a photo Dr Bickford took and has (sort of inadvertantly) become the lab emblem. The front panel is a regional map showing gross predictors of the effect of climate change on herpetofaunal species over the next 50(ish) years. It is by no means highly accurate and is a very simplified model accounting for only temperature, precipitation and elevation.

This t-shirt was designed to highlight that probable climate induced impacts which are going to hit these groups hard. Unfortunately the reality is likely to be worse than the simple model once factors such as continued deforestation etc. are accounted for.”

So he’s happy he is helping to get the message across but definitely not about the situation. Battle on comrades!


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