Happy faces at Labrador Rocky Shore

Our new, second-year ecology course, LSM2251, had students visit the Labrador Rocky Shore to study the flora, fauna and zonation there. It was nice leading an evening trip once again and to the rocky shore there. E-learning week helped as students did not have to rush from a previous lecture!

Group A1

Group A2

Group A3

Group A4

Group A5

Support Crew

This field trip arose after discovering most of the class had not studied the rocky shore fauna. Of the 42 who visited today, 83% were making their visit there.

They were split into five groups and scattered along the shore to examine the low, middle and upper littoral area. this kept the impact low with them well spaced out. Eventually they did come together on the beach to compare notes. which they will later share over Google Docs.

It was lovely seeing the rocky shore once again with a class. We’ll be back in two weeks time with the other half of the class.

More photos on Flickr.

Update – Son just passed me his lovely photos; also on Flickr.

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