Biod Grad Students at Chulalongkorn University, Dec 2009

The 14th Biological Sciences Graduate Congress was hosted by the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand in December 2009. The NUS Biodiversity Crew was represented by these six graduates: four oral presentations and two poster presentations:

  • Alison Wee (Applied Plant Ecology Lab) – Effects of fragmentation on gene flow in mangroves.
  • Chow Kwek Yan (Plant Lab) – Family composition and life form changes with extinctions, introductions, and cultivation in the total vascular flora of Singapore.
  • Nanthinee Jeevanandam (Terrestrial Ecology Lab) – Phenology of dioecious figs in Singapore.
  • Nghiem Thi Phuong Le (Terrestrial Ecology Lab) – Invasive trees in Singapore.
  • Toh Kok Ben (Marine Lab) – Camouflage and background matching: How good does the match have to be? Testing the background of prey and background spot size.
  • Tran Thi Minh Hang (Marine Lab) – Toward a national integrated coastal management policy for Vietnam.

L-R, Front row – Alison Wee (Applied Plant Ecology Lab), Nanthinee Jeevanandam (Terrestrial Ecology Lab), and Tran Hang (Marine Lab); L-R, Back Row- Chow Kwek Yan (Plant Lab), Nghiem Le (Terrestrial Ecology Lab), and Toh Kok Ben (Marine Lab)

The BioD group did well, with Nanthinee clinching the Best Oral Presenter Award for Biodiversity. The only two other awards up for grabs were for the Biodiversity Poster presentations and these went to Alison and Ben. Congratulations all of you!

Nanthinee reports.

“The congress was a beneficial experience with lots of feedback and questions during presentations by fellow graduates from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It was a good opportunity to meet and network with fellow graduate students in similar areas of research.

Chulalongkorn’s hospitality and organization was exemplary! I recommend this experience to my fellow graduate students, so look out for news of the 2010 graduate congress, to be hosted by the University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur next December!”

The award winners: Ben, Alison and Nanthinee

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