TAs for 2009/10 sem 2 modules

Hi grad students,

TAs are required for the following modules:

  • LSM1103 Biodiversity – Fridays 2pm-6pm; 24 hours/session (two sessions max)
    • Kent Ridge
    • Plant Diversity (lab)
    • Animal Diversity (lab)
    • Changi Beach
    • Singapore Zoo
  • LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment – Thursdays, 10am-12pm; 24 hours/session (two sessions max).
    • Maps & Google Earth (lab)
    • Field Trip prep
    • Labrador Rocky Shore (Mon evening)
    • Report debrief/Ubin prep
    • Pulau Ubin (Sat morning)
    • Ubin report consultation
  • LSM1303 Animal Behaviour – Mondays, 14 hours/session (two sessions max).
    • Consultation, 1 hour face to face/2 hours by email.
    • Presentation (your group), 2 hours (evaluation)
    • Presentation (one other group), 2 hours (evaluation)
    • Extinction Game, 2 hours (facilitation)
    • Marking – symposium abstract, report, blog, 5 hours.

Please email FTTA JC Mendoza at dbsjcem@nus.edu.sg or Sivasothi at sivasothi@nus.edu.sg if you are able to TA for these modules. Also welcome are marking specialists – submissions are all electronic, so this is possible even if you are overseas for a semester with compulsory hours to clear.


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