Welcome Érica Sena, Full-Time Teaching Assistant

A warm welcome to Érica Sena Neves, the new Full-Time Teaching Assistant to the Biodiversity Crew. She was hired by the department to manage biodiversity modules and joins us next week, after an early drop in to an IVLE Workshop today.

In her first semester, will manage and teach in LSM1303 Animal Behaviour and LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment and help out with one or two other modules. Originally from Brasil, she has a background in animal ecology and behaviour and is enthusiastic about getting started!

Érica says,

“I am an animal enthusiast since my very first memories. I grew up surrounded by animals and  was always thrilled to understand their behavior; which is why I decided to be a biologist. I have worked with animals all through my academic life, mostly on the behavioral & ecological aspects.

There is a passage in The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins that is just immaculate and illustrates perfectly how I feel: “There is a better reason for studying zoology than its possible usefulness, and the general likeableness of animals. This reason is that we animals are the most complicated and perfectly designed pieces of machinery in the known universe. Put it like that, and it is hard to see why anybody studies anything else!”

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