Weiting’s civet surveys – The Straits Times (Nov 2009) and continued work

I am playing a bit of catchup here – Systematics & Ecology Lab’s Honours student Xu Weiting’s research with civets in Siglap was featured in The Straits Times in November last year: “The great ‘musang’ stakeout,” by Ang Yiying. The Straits Times, 30 Nov 2009. The aim: To observe the Toddy Cat’s population size and habits. [pdf1pdf2]

At the time, Wild Singapore carried the news – link. Some of her honours classmates accompanied her on the survey and you can see them in the larger pdfs of the newspaper pages – just click the images below:

Civetgirl Weiting is still surveying Siglap and she has since seen civets in the day time too., demonstrating that persistence pays off in mammal work. Here she is looking very civet-like during one of our meetings!

This is a photo she obtained of one of the lovely wild carnivores of Singapore – we liked it so much, we use it for the sidebar thumbnail image for the link to mammal records entry on Habitatnews! If you wish to follow her on her night surveys, email her at xuwt87@gmail.com

Ang Yi Ying previously wrote about Marcus honours year project that discovered mousedeer populations on Pulau Ubin – link.

One thought on “Weiting’s civet surveys – The Straits Times (Nov 2009) and continued work

  1. Hello,
    Our family lives on Swiss Club Road. Tuesday night we spotted a large Palm Civet on the fence between our property and our neighbors. He walked the length of the property from back to front. There is a palm tree in the back that has fruits in the center that attract green parrot type birds and long tail parrakeets. Perhaps the civet likes that tree also. We woke our children to come see the civet. We turned on the spotlight. The animal did not run away. He looked at us directly so we got to see his masked face as well as his long black tail. We then turned off the light to avoid disturbing him. He then walked from the front of the property to the back again and disappeared.
    Michelle Smith

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