Guess who’s working on reduviids and other bugs?

Confronted with a reduviid-like bug that Ngan Kee tossed on my table, JC Mendoza, with whom I was having an urgent meeting (I may add) wondered if it could be a triatomine instead of my suggestion. Googling, this familiar mugshot appeared:

Alumni Hwang Wei Song and his partner in crime Zahang Guanyang have taken up residence in Christiane Weirauch’s Heteropteran Systematics Lab at the University of California Riverside. We don’t know yet what it is as we did have to get to work but said specimen will await Wei Song’s attention in future at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.

Stop complaining about the blurry picture y’all, specimen’s in the museum!

2 thoughts on “Guess who’s working on reduviids and other bugs?

  1. Greetings from Riverside!

    Based on the blurry image of the bug, I don’t think you have much to worry about because it looks more like a pentatomoid to me.

    The kissing bug you want to look out for in Singapore is Triatoma rubrofasciata which I have a picture of but comments here doesn’t allow me to upload it.

    We just submitted a collecting permit proposal and if lucky, will be going to Brunei and maybe Gunung Mulu to hunt for more reduviids and triatomines this June!

    Last but not least, being the taxonomist/systematist-in-training, I have to stress the correct spellings “reduviid” and “triatomine” to refer to the family- and subfamily-level taxa respectively. =P

    • Yeah Meier pointed out that it was a pentatomid too – I did think it looked more like that colourful bug on *Dillenia. *You can see how out of touch with bugs the crabby people are! Thanks for all the corrections.

      Send me the pic, I’ll post it on the blog (“will the real Triatomid please stand up”).

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