Regime Change – Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club

We convey our gratitude to Alison Wee (Applied Plant Ecology Lab) & Daniel Ng (Frog Lab) who have stepped down this month after a year’s duty. and join the ranks of the BEJC Alumni. Taking over from 24 Feb 2010 are Paul Chen & Thanh Son Nguyen of the Systematics & Ecology Lab.

The BEJC coordinators communicate with hosts to setup seminars. Besides acting on suggestions, coordinators may invite speakers themselves or suggest ideas to potential hosts. The journal club has been an efficient and flexible mechanism that has enabled us to hear from a wide variety of speakers; sometimes at just a days notice. As a result, we have been fortunate to hear from many noteworthy speakers.

The traditional handing-over ceremony used to take an hour, but with the procedure written out (see “Information required for a seminar” and efficient backup by the department administrators, this year’s briefing onl took five minutes, unlike the hour-long meetings of old.
BEJC talks are advertised to the wide community via:

  • Ecotax, a e-newsletter started in 1998, and the medium for first news and last-minute notifications,
  • the lovely departmental posters that we sometimes circulate to other agencies,
  • this blog and
  • WildSingapore News.

Paul and Son, who were waylayed during the Biod Lo Hei lunch with this responsibility, promised us discussion sessions and not just seminars. We eagerly await!

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