Part-time teaching opportunities for graduate students in AY 2010/11 Semester I

TAs are invited to apply for part-time teaching positions in the following modules for AY 2010/11 Semester I. To sign up, please fill in the form here by 28 Jul 2010:

  • LSM1103 Biodiversity – Fridays 2pm-6pm; 20 hours/session (two sessions max) [Detailed Time-Table]
    • Kent Ridge
    • Plant Diversity (lab)
    • Animal Diversity (lab)
    • Changi Beach
    • Singapore Zoo
  • LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment – even week Mondays 2pm-6pm; one evening and one Saturday morning practical; total 24 hours/session (two sessions max) [Detailed Time-Table]
    • Maps, Google Earth, Field Trip prep, Extinction Game (Facilitation)
    • Project consultation
    • Labrador Rocky Shore (Mon evening)
    • Pulau Ubin (Sat morning)
  • LSM3261 Life Form and Function (Zoology section: 3 practicals) – even week Thursdays, 2pm-6pm; 12 hours [Detailed Time-Table]
    • Zoological specimen examination
    • Singapore Zoo to observe vertebrates
    • Arthropod dissection: Scylla spp.

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