Biodiversity Crew @ International Coastal Cleanup Singapore – registration for Pandan mangrove

ICCS Pandan mangroves cleanup

Pandan mangroves is a remnant strip mangrove in the south-west of Singapore. As it is not looked after, there is a trash build up that is detrimental to the site. The Raffles Museum Toddycats, Biodiversity Crew @ NUS and Wildlife Reserve Singapore are conducting a cleanup for the third year under the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore. This year we will be joined by volunteers from Oil Spill Response and Black & Veatch (SEA) Pte Ltd.

The deeper parts of the inlet is a tough and dirty site to tackle, with no shelters or toilets but soft mud, lots of mosquitoes in tide pools and some snakes instead! We will work rain or shine and are restricting numbers to reduce impact, so there aqre only 20 places for us.

This cleanup is not for the faint-hearted but the Biodiversity Crew are definitely up for the task and are invited to sign up at here:

Saturday, 11th September 2010: 7.20am – 11.30am
International Coastal Cleanup Singapore:
Pandan Mangroves

Register at:

Photo by Kelly Ong


  • 0710 – bus pick up at NUS Science Drive 1
  • 0720 – bus pick-up from the bus-stop opposite Dover MRT in the direction of Clementi (map)
  • 0800 – reach Pandan mangroves bus stop; distribute into sub-groups, apply insect repellent, collect gloves, data cards and trash bags.
  • 0810 – Safety Briefing, identification of the Trash Weighing Point (TWP), wet weather plan (carry on unless lightning threat)
  • 0820 – Cleanup begins.
  • 0845 – Loading teams start moving trash to the TWP
  • 1000 – clean-up ends, data collation beings, weighing completed while participants evaluate the situation at Pandan.
  • 1015 – participants clean themselves up – note no washing point, so bring a bottle of tap water and a change of footwear.
  • 1045 – Pack dirty gloves to bring back wash, dry and return.
  • 1100 – Bus returns to Clementi and then NUS.

What we will provide:

  1. Transport to site.
  2. Gloves.
  3. Trash bags.
  4. Weighing scales.

What you should bring:

  1. Booties or covered shoes with hard soles.
  2. Water bottle (at least one litre of water).
  3. A snack to munch on after the cleanup, especially if you didn’t have time for breakfast!
  4. Hat.
  5. Insect repellent
  6. Raincoat/ponco (we’ll carry on working in the rain)
  7. Towel in a bag – to wipe off any sand and mud off you.
  8. A light pair of long pants will help protect your legs from insect bites if you tend to get bitten, as well as from the debris. If you are vulnerable to bites, wear long sleeves as well!
  9. A suggestion – dry fit clothes are suitable. If you prefer cotton, a change of t-shirt will come in handy after a sweaty workout.

Registered participants can meet us at either

  1. the NUS bus stop outside Science Drive 1 (7.10am; meet Xiuling) or
  2. Dover MRT Station bus stop on side of Singapore Polytechnic (heading west) (7.20am; meet Kelly Ong).
7.10am Pick Up Point – Meet Ouyang Xiuling
Pandan mangrove cleanup - NUS pickup point

7.20am Pick up Point – Meet Kelly Ong.

Cleanup location concentration

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