Undergrad temp job offer: Identifying macroinvertebrates w/Freshwater Biomonitoring Project, Aug-Dec 2010

Student Assistant Positions, Aug-Dec 2010

The NUS Freshwater Biomonitoring Project is seeking Student Assistant applicants to assist with sorting and identification of macroinvertebrates.

The project aims to assess the health of Singapore’s freshwaters using benthic macroinvertebrates which are are important indicators of water quality. Their presence or absence reveal important long term and short term changes in water bodies.

Students will have an excellent opportunity to have a first-hand glimpse of the local aquatic fauna of our waterways and receive ‘on the job’ training in techniques for identifying and classifying macroinvertebrates.

Student applicants should have a keen interest in nature and be able to commit at least 2 x 3-hour time slots a week during this period. Standard student hourly wages apply.
Previous work experience is preferred.

Interested students should submit a CV with a brief description of themselves and their interests to Adam Quek at dbsqrf@nus.edu.sg by 31 August 2010.


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