Life Sciences Specilisation talk, 12 Oct 2010

The Life Science Society (LSS) will hold their annual Life Science Specialization Talk on Thursday 14 Oct 2010 at LT27 from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

Th talk will feature senior students and the following staff:

  • Chew Fook Tim – tentative changes in Life Sciences curriculum for AY11/12 and the Biomedical Science specilisation
  • Maxey Chung – specialisation in Molecular and Cell Biology
  • N Sivasothi – specialisation in Environmental Biology

The Environmental Biology students who will be speaking are:

  • Goh Kaiying (honours student in Marine Biology Lab)
  • Lee Gang (3rd year UROPS student with Terrestrial Biology Lab)

For the Environmental Biology specilisation, I will explain how the various modules are linked, career prospects and what biology students actually end up doing. I’ll be thinking about it and put it together after listening to Fook Tim’s overall presentation at 6.25pm. I go on at 7.45pm, so there will be plenty of time to hammer something out. Xu Weiting will be there to field questions about the modules from her recent student-perspective.

Click the poster for the link to the Life Science Society website


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