TEDxNUS talks by Biod Crew will be online


TEDxNUS was incredibly successful thanks to some wonderful organisers and an enthusiastic, supportive and appreciative audience.

If you missed it, don’t worry, the whole event was recorded by some of their brilliant tech guys and will be coming to YouTube eventually.

Three speakers from DBS graced the stage to talk about their passions and ideas.:

Sivasothi aka Otterman talked about conservation in Singapore and featured quite a few of our budding undergrad biologists doing their part to better understand Singapore’s wild fauna. Siva will reprise this talk (albeit in 15 mins) for Green Drinks Singapore in January.

John van Wyhe, a Bye-Fellow Christ’s College, Cambridge, and now Senior Lecturer for the depts of Biological Sciences and History is also the director for The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online. He talked about common misconceptions about Darwin and his work.

PhD student Ang Yuchen discussed how sexual selection has given rise to such a wonderful array of sexual dimorphism. As well as the dunking of still-mating flies into liquid nitrogen. Yu Chen will be giving a similar talk this Wednesday evening at Bl!nk BL-NK @ the Blu Jazz Cafe. Details can be found here.

Do check out ALL the talks when they are online once again (they were on ustream temporarily), they’re all excellent., e.g. Don Favareau talks about biosemiotics and how it helps pave a bridge between the visually and aurally impaired people and us. Another by John Miksic on archaeology and the lost history of Singapore is another eye opener.


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