Virgins No More

Graduate students Nguyen Thanh Son and Robert Lasley Jr of the Systematics and Ecology Lab have published their first crab papers in the cruel, hard academic world.

Son and Rob looking pretty!

Robert Lasley Jr described two new species of crabs, Guitonia leimomi from Hawaii and G. paulayi from Guam with JC Mendoza and Prof Peter Ng in Zootaxa 2684: 1-13.

G. leimomi gets its name from the rows of conjoined granules on the carapace which resembles a pearl necklace (Hawaiian: lei = necklace, momi = pearl).

Guitonia leimomi (A & B) and G. paulayi (C & D). The boxed areas show the prominent granules on the carapace of G. leimomi. (photos by Rob)

Meanwhile, Nguyen Thanh Son described a new genus of the family Portunidae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) and the identity of Portunus (Cycloachelousyoronensis Sakai, 1974 with Prof Peter Ng in Zootaxa 2677: 38-48. Unique to portunids, adult males of this species have unique deep depressions in the sterno-abdominal cavity to accommodate the male reproductive parts. In this paper, Nguyen & Ng synonymise Portunus yoronensis to Cavoportunus dubius.

Exposed abdominal flap reveals male reproductive parts
of Cavoportunus dubius. (Photo by Son)

Congrats lads!

[The title of this post was suggested by Prof Peter Ng, the enthusiastic co-author of these two carcinologists while he was stuffing himself over lunch with fish head curry.]

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