Fri 07 Jan 2011: 6.00pm – Tom Evans on “Lessons from a REDD project in Cambodia”

Department of Biological Sciences
Seminar Announcement

“Lessons learnt from developing a REDD project in Cambodia.”
By Dr Tom Evans
Deputy Director, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Cambodia Program

Fri 07 Jan 2011: 6.00pm
DBS Conference Room 1 (S3-05; click for map)

Hosted by Prof Richard Corlett


About the talk – Carbon credits from avoided deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) can be traded in the voluntary carbon market and may be eligible for the much larger market that would created under the proposed in- ternational statutory climate agreement. These payments could increase incentives for forest conservation in Cambodia and improve livelihoods in remote rural areas. WCS is supporting the Cambodian government to test this concept at a pilot scale in the Seima Protection Forest, an area of outstanding biodiversity and livelihood significance.

In this presentation Dr Evans will outline progress so far in developing the project for validation against two widely recognised standards and discuss how the work is affected by the uncertain policy environment from Copenhagen to Cancun and beyond.

20110107-Tom_Evans-REDD.pdf (1 page)

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