Wed 12 Jan 2011: 4.30pm @SDWA – Dan Friess on “Are all intertidal wetlands created equal?”

Dan FriessSingapore-Delft Water Alliance


“Are all intertidal wetlands created equal?”
by Dan Friess

SDWA & Applied Plant Ecology Lab

Wed 12 Jan 2011: 4.30pm to 5.30pm

SDWA Conference Room (Block E1, #08-25)
National University of Singapore

About the talk – Intertidal wetlands such as mangroves and salt marshes provide numerous important ecological functions, though are in rapid and global decline. To better conserve and restore these wetland ecosystems, we need an understanding of the fundamental bottlenecks and thresholds to their establishment and long-term ecological maintenance.

By providing the first systematic comparison between salt marshes and mangroves, we unravel how the interplay between species-specific life history traits and biogeomorphological feedback processes determine where, when and what wetland can establish, the thresholds to long-term ecosystem stability, and constraints to genetic connectivity between intertidal wetland populations at the landscape level.

To answer these important questions, research into the constraints to wetland development, and biological adaptations to overcome these critical bottlenecks and thresholds requires a truly interdisciplinary approach.

General Enquiry/Registration: Ms Sally Teh, Tel: 6516 6852, Email:

Photo from Rachael Oh

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