Sujatha leaves the Evolab with a PNAS paper

Dr. Sujatha Kutty left for London yesterday morning after being with the Evolab for 8 years. During her stay here she has contributed a lot, scientifically and in many other ways. Since joining in 2003, she published 8 papers (3 in Mol. Phyl. & Evol, 2 in Cladistics and Syst. Ent., 1 in Zootaxa), one correspondence in Nature, and is leaving the lab as a co-author on a forthcoming PNAS paper.

Sujatha’s work focused on molecular phylogeny of calyptrates, a part of NSF’s “FLYTREE” project. She has also been involved in phylogenetic studies of other groups of organisms. She has been instrumental in the setup of the RMBR cryo-collection, as well as keeping the molecular side of the Evolutionary Biology lab running. Moreover, she patiently mentored countless students in and outside the lab. Indeed, for several of us, she has been the first person to go to for advice, when all the molecular methods and results fail to make sense. With so much in her hands, it was undeniably her “zen” attitude that allowed her stay on for so long; we all took considerable advantage of that!

Thanks a lot, Sujatha! We are all missing you, and we are sure that you will be getting troubled by us very soon. We wish you all the very best for your work at Imperial College and Natural History Museum. We can’t wait for your next visit to Singapore.


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