Students understanding cats – territorial behaviour and home range of community cats

Note the date has been corrected to this Wednesday,i.e. 30 Mar 2011.

Community cats are free-roaming cats managed by volunteers who have adopted the Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage program as advocated by the Cat Welfare Society and SPCA. Studying the ecology of community cats is a way for us to better understand and appreciate these animals.

This year, a group of cross-faculty students observed the behaviour exhibited between individual community cats in their neighbourhood while a 3rd year biology student followed 10 cats in a single estate to plot their home range.

This Wednesday, we all meet to exchange notes. All are welcome to join us.

Wednesday 30 Mar 2011: 6.30pm – 7.30pm
DBS Conference Room, S3-05
Host: N. Sivasothi

Talk 1 – “Territoriality in cats: food versus space”

We observed the behavior of community cats in five housing estates in Singapore, by measuring the distance between individuals before, during and after feeding. Cats tolerated the proximity of other individuals in the presence of food and general behavioural patterns will be described as well as traits specific to certain individuals.

By Chua Hui Xuan Valerie, Heng Yuan Hao, Koh Hui Qin Alethea, Tan Shu Ling Leanne, Wong Yimin
Group 01, LSM1303 Animal Behaviour project group 2010/11 Sem 2

Talk 2 – “Peak activity, home range size and overlap of community cats in a mature TRNM estate – a discussion of a preliminary study. “

By Mei AIlian
LSM3288 Undergraduate Opportunities in Science 2010/11 Sem 2 (ongoing).

About the talk – While human-cat conflict has been examined the past, the ecology of sterilised community cats has not yet been examined. This study used scan and focal surveys of 10 out of 24 cats in an HDB estate, investigating the peak activity of the cats and the distribution, overlap, gender influence and feeding location on home range. The diversity of sociality of individual cats were also examined in this study.


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