Job opportunity: 1-year RA position – “Improving the conservation planting of native spp. at reforestation sites” (closes 15th Apr 2011)

Research Assistant opportunity on a DBS-NParks collaboration: Improving the Conservation Planting of Native Species at Reforestation Sites

Singapore has had a long history of reforestation and related activities (enrichment of low-diversity forests, repair and enhancement of forest margins etc.) using native woody species, largely within the Nature Reserves and Nature Areas. Although a great deal of practical experience has been acquired during these activities, very little has been published, making it difficult for other people ― both within Singapore and overseas ― to learn from this experience.

Singapore’s National Parks Board has asked the National University of Singapore (Profs Richard Corlett & Hugh Tan) to undertake a study on this topic. We are seeking an enthusiastic Research Assistant to join the research team. The successful candidate will be offered a one-year contract with a salary scale commensurate with experience and qualifications to be determined by the NUS Administration

Job Scope:

  • Carry out a retrospective field-based assessment of all well-documented past activities involving non-urban planting of native woody species in Singapore in order to identify, communicate and archive the major lessons that can be learned.
  • Assess the survival, growth and competitive ability of the planted species in the field in relation to environmental variables (past land-use, soil, vegetation, canopy closure etc.) and compare the effectiveness of different nursery, planting, and post-planting management techniques that have been used.
  • Analysis and reporting of scientific data.
  • Administrative support for the project.

Candidates should possess:

  • BSc, BSc (Hons), or MSc degree in biology, botany, ecology, forestry or a related subject
  • a passion for ecological research
  • an interest in plants and, preferably, some field experience in SE Asian forests.
  • A valid driving license would also be useful

Interested candidates are invited to send their CV to Prof. Richard Corlett at

The closing date for applications is 15th Apr 2011, but we may make a decision earlier.


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