Job opportunity: RA position – “Controlling Woody Weeds” project (closes 15 Apr 2011)

Research Assistant opportunity on a DBS-NParks collaboration: Controlling Woody Weeds

Singapore’s Nature Reserves have remained surprisingly resistant to most plant invaders, except around the margins. Outside the reserves, however, invasive woody plants dominate or co-dominate large areas and may — although this is hard to prove — be preventing or delaying the development of native vegetation.

There has been very little attempt to control alien plant invasions in Singapore, beyond the spot removal of conspicuous aliens in conservation areas and the removal of albizia trees from sites with public access. A more activist policy could be justified, however, since early eradication of new invaders is likely to be cost-effective in the long term.

Singapore’s National Parks Board has asked the National University of Singapore (Profs Richard Corlett & Hugh Tan) to undertake a study on this topic. We are seeking an enthusiastic Research Assistant to join the research team. The successful candidate will be offered a one-year contract with a salary scale commensurate with experience and qualifications to be determined by the NUS Administration.

Job Scope:

  • Conduct a range of control measure experiments (uprooting, cutting with herbicide application, girdling, foliar spray with herbicide) for all the major woody invasive species in Singapore as well as problematic native species.
  • Assess the relative effectiveness of different control measures mentioned above.
  • Analysis and reporting of scientific data.
  • Administrative support for the project.

Candidates should possess:

  • BSc, BSc (Hons), or MSc degree in biology, botany, ecology, forestry or a related subject
  • a passion for ecological research
  • an interest in plants.
  • A valid driving license would also be useful, as would experience with supervising field workers.

Interested candidates are invited to send their CV to Prof. Richard Corlett at

The closing date for applications is 15th May April 2011, but we may make a decision earlier.

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