“All that glitters in not necessarily green” – Ong Say Lin’s essay in The Student Globe, Apr 2011

The Jakarta Globe started a new quarterly supplement in their newspapers, the Student Globe. Touted as ‘Indonesia’s first ever full-color English-language newspaper supplement just for high school students and their teachers’, it aims to bring about awareness about the environment.

Ong Say Lin - forestArticles are welcome from young writers who would better connect with the students in Indonesia. Teachers are encouraged to use the Student Globe in their classrooms to improve students’ grasp of English language.

Ong Say Lin has been pursuing the Joint Minor in Environmental Biology at the University of Toronto this past academic year. Recently, through the suggestion of his friend Donna Tan in Global Initiatives, he submitted an article based on a topic he had previously discussed in his presentation about his experience working at Wong Siew Te’s Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre.

Passionate about wildlife and the environment, he observed the transformed, homogenous landscape in Malaysia as a young boy. He would later realise this was oil palm, and come to understand the implications.

Two weeks ago, the editors in the Jakarta Globe accepted the article and published it in Issue 2 (Apr 2011):

Ong Say Lin's article in Student Globe, Jakarta Globe
Click to see pdf

Isn’t that lovely news, that he has reached out to his peers in the region? Congratulations, Say Lin!

Ong Say Lin blogs at “Ecological Perspectives“.

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