05 Aug 2011 – Snake and Bat Talks

Two visiting Phd students who are here in NUS will be giving a talk on their respective research topics as part of the 2011 East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Programme (EAPSI).

Alexis Figueroa, from University of New Orleans, was hosted by the Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Lab. Together with department alumni, Anne Devan, he conducted numerous survey of our forests in search of elusive tree-dwelling reptiles. He will be speaking about Convergency, Ecomorphology and Community Structure in Arboral Snakes.

Susan Tsang, from City University of New York, was hosted by the Evolutionary Biology Lab. Other than collecting bat stool for analyses, she became acquainted with the lab’s collection of cow and waterfowl dung as well. Susan’s advisor is Dr Dave Lohman, who did his postdoc stint in NUS. Her presentation will be about Phylogeography of two widespread Pteropus species (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae).

Date: Friday, 5 Aug 2011
Venue: National University of Singapore University Hall, L501 Meeting Room
Time: 9am (Alexis), 10am (Susan)

Alexis and Susan(Left to Right): Alexis, red-tailed racer (Gonyosoma oxycephalum), Susan.

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