EvoLab continues to colonize the US.

The evolutionary biology lab’s (http://evolution.science.nus.edu.sg) goal of populating US universities is on track. Three of our alumni have now infiltrated the University of Colorado and UC Santa Barbara to join the Evo lab crowd on the East Coast (Gwynne at Cornell and Farhan at Harvard) and West Coast (Guanyang and Weisong UC Riverside). Andie and Gaurav have headed to the Rocky Mountains (University of Colorado at Boulder).

Andie will continue her studies of Asian primates (particularly endangered colobine monkeys of Southeast Asia) with Prof Herbert Covert at the Department of Anthropology. She’s looking forward to studying their ecology and behavior, hoping to find ways to preserve these adorable monkeys in the wild.

Gaurav Vaidya is joining Prof Robert Guralnick at the Department of Ecology and Evolution to work on biodiversity informatics. His first task will be to work on the Map of Life project, an ambitious plan to combine individual expert range maps to create a single integrated map of species from around the world. Apart from making it much easier to find out where species can be found, this project will create a platform to easily search for, model, download and summarize species distribution maps.

Our West Coast’s pioneer community will be strengthened by the arrival of Shengrong, who is just settling at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is undertaking a Masters in Environmetal Science and Management.

Congratulations! Now one doesn’t have to travel to Singapore in order to see the bunch of aging lab-members!

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