Undergraduate part-time field/lab assistants wanted

Student Field/Lab Assistants are required between Nov 2011 – Oct 2012 to assist a post-doctoral researcher to conduct a study of bird and bat populations in Singapore.

This project is looking for biology undergraduates who are keen in gaining research experience, enjoy working in the field and can be flexible with working hours. The applicant must have good communication and interpersonal skills and be fluent in English (writing, reading, and speaking).

The primary role is the will be collection of biological materials from outdoor areas in Singapore and will therefore involve moderate physical labor. Secondary duties may include sample processing with the possibility of training in molecular biology techniques.

Collections are generally made 2 times per week in the evening with additional collections during daylight hours (times are flexible) required every 2 weeks. Collection activities will generally be conducted in a team of two, so interested parties are encouraged to approach colleagues and form a team.

Payment: prevailing student part-time payment rate. Estimated no. of hours of work per month: 24-32.

If interested, please apply to Ian Mendenhall at ian.mendenhall@duke-nus.edu.sg


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