QE: The contribution of Integrated Coastal Management to the sustainable development of China’s coastal area (Ye Guangqiong, 2 Dec 2011: 10.00am)

Department of Biological Sciences, NUS
Qualifying Examination

The contribution of Integrated Coastal Management to the sustainable development of China’s coastal area
Speaker:              Ye Guanqiong (Graduate Student, Dept.of Biological Sciences, NUS)
Date:                     2 December 2011, Friday
Time:                    10 AM
Venue:                 DBS conference Room  ((S3, Level 5 #05-01)
Supervisor:         Prof. Chou Loke Ming

Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) is an integrated management approach for coastal governance to promote sustainable coastal development, which has been initiated in over 100 nations around the world. In China, over ten coastal cities have adopted the ICM framework to tackle with the environmental and management challenges. However, few studies have been done to assess the ICM contribution linked to the sustainable development in those cities. The main objective of this doctoral study is to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of ICM towards the goal of coastal sustainability in two coastal cities: Quanzhou and Qingdao. These two cities are the most developed ICM cities in China, experiencing high environmental pressure but possessing strong governance capacity, scientific techniques and public finances for coastal environment protection. By conducting case studies in these two cities, positive implications could be provided for scaling up and developing the ICM frameworks in other coastal cities.

In the two case studies, the progress and effectiveness of ICM performance in each city is evaluated by using an index system which includes three subsystems: socioeconomic sustainability, coastal ecosystem health and governance capacity. Based on the evaluation, I will compare the ICM performance of these two cities, to generalize the common factors leading to the effectiveness of ICM. As Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) is considered as a more practical way to implement ICM, a spatial management study under ICM framework will also be conducted in Quanzhou Bay and Jiaozhou Bay in Quanzhou and Qingdao, respectively.


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