Maiden lectures today by Mingko and Dan in ecology and coastal management!

Today was a lovely day! While I learned to sip (not swallow) coffee, maiden lectures were being delivered by my bright and chirpy friends, Dan Friess in GE4207 Coastal Management over at Geography (his soul still belongs to us) and Mary Rose Posa (aka Mingko) with the LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment class!

Honours student and mangrove disciple Rick Leong was at his shifu’s lecture and facebook-ed us some highlights.

Dan illustrating Brunn’s rule
Dan illustrating Brunn's rule

Dan let Jeremy Jackson sum it up with his depressing,
How we wrecked the ocean” TED talk(ouch)

Back in Science, Mingko worked the room at the first Ecology lecture this semester. Thanks to Erica Sena Neves, we have some witness of her first foray in awakening young minds to the fundamentals of ecology.

Laying down the objectives in the first lecture
Mingko works the room

Roaming the room with the wireless microphone!
Mingko works the room

We’re all excited to have Dan and Mingko out there, fighting the good fight. All the best in the semester ahead and congrats to the students to having two more enthusiastic educators in their stable!

3 thoughts on “Maiden lectures today by Mingko and Dan in ecology and coastal management!

  1. Thanks Siva! I mentioned Navjot in my lecture too – and I decided to do the roaming with a wireless microphone after I saw you do it last sem 🙂

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