CDTL’s new e-learning module on Oral Presentation Skills for students

CDTL’s new e-learning module on Oral Presentation Skills for students is accessible at

The CDTL e-module project team says,

“This pilot e-module, “Preparing for Successful Oral Presentations”, is the first of a 4-part series, developed by CDTL in collaboration with CELC and is aimed at providing a self-assessed e-learning module for students to learn useful techniques and strategies in Oral Presentations.

The following learning activities are included in the e-module:

  • A structured and organized module that promotes self-directed learning and allows students to learn at their own pace and convenience;
  • Videos of the workshop delivered by the Module Speaker, Mr Patrick Gallo, Associate Director/CELC;
  • Self-tests or exercises to encourage students to reflect and practise the learning points;
  • A feedback mechanism that allows students to direct any question about oral presentations to the Module Speaker; and
  • Summary notes and resources such as presentation slides, answers to self-tests and links to other related oral presentation skills videos.

Will include this in weblinks for LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment and LSM1303 Animal Behaviour, both of which feature a student symposia.

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