Hons student Ouyang Xiuling is an NUS SPARKZ 2012 finalist!

Sparkz is “an annual talent show that provides a platform for all NUS students to showcase their talents”. This year, the line up of 12 finalists includes biodiversity honours student Ouyang Xiuling. When she’s not out in the forest dealing with her experiments, she has been singing!

On 28 Jan 2012, they battle it out at the main event at the NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House! It’s a sold-out event, but there should be news on their facebook page.

Congratulations Xiuling! This took lots of courage; all the best for the finale and no stage fright! *fingers crossed* Remember, just look at the audience and think of your specimens!

Click the link to find out more
Sparkz 2012 | Finalist : Ou Yang Xiuling

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