Is bigger, better in European dung flies? Nalini and colleagues think so, in Evolution

When not lurking the corridors of the department, Nalini Puniamoorthy is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies at University of Zurich.

She just send news that she has a spring in her step (pun intended) with a recent paper published in Evolution. You can see the early view here: Puniamoorthy, N., Schäfer, M. A. & Blanckenhorn, W. U., 2012. Sexual selection accounts for the geographic reversal of sexual size dimorphism in the dung fly, Sepsis punctum (Diptera: Sepsidae). Evolution. doi: 10.1111/j.1558-5646.2012.01599.x

She sent her best wishes to all at home here in Singapore with the press release she coughed up to explain her research findings, and which you can read in the pdf here


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