Lady McNeice Yuen-Peng, RIP

Lady McNeice, a benefactor to the natural history community, has passed away on Sunday, 3rd June 2012. Many of us in the Department of Biological Sciences have benefited from her generosity and kindness when we were students and after. She was “an ardent supporter in local conservation and a firm believer in investing in young talent”.


We were very glad for the opportunity to acknowledge her role at the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium I in July 2003. With the help of Ng Bee Choo and Tan Week Kiat, we surprised her with a symbolic gift, an etching of Orcovita mcneiceae, a new species named after her by Ng Ngan Kee and Peter Ng in 2002.

Like many others, we were touched by her wide and enthusiastic participation for a better Singapore over the many decades. We will remember her fondly always.

For more links, see Raffles Museum News.

2 thoughts on “Lady McNeice Yuen-Peng, RIP

  1. Very very sad news. She was such a constant rock during all the decades of my own involvement in Singapore’s nature conservation movement, and well before and after of course. She was truly a Lady, a strong heart and a passionate defender of the cause. Vale, Peng!
    Ilsa Sharp, Singapore

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