Job: P/T Outreach Coordinator, “Mapping Nature, Mapping Memories In Tanglin Halt” (immediate)

“Mapping Nature, Mapping Memories In Tanglin Halt” is a part of an NUS/NTU research project, “Bird People in Tanglin Halt” to investigate relations between humans and birds in the Wessex Estate/Queenstown/ Green Corridor area.

Magpie Robin by Paul Huang, Singapore Botanic Gardens
The magpie robin is the project mascot. It is making a fragile comeback but is also being trapped by poachers from the neighbourhood. Photo by Paul Huang from

Outreach Coordinator Position
The outreach and logistics coordinator would be tasked to independently develop a strategy for outreach and online community/school participation in our project in liason with the research team.


  1. The coordinator would be tasked to make contact with and attempt to draw in participation from at least one Tanglin Halt/Wessex/Queestown, school alongside on and offline residents and community partners into a project to:
    • Monitor/map plant and animal life in the neighbourhood.
    • Record stories and memories of plants and animal life in the neighbourhood.
  2. Pilot a small scale “citizen science” project revolving around sightings of and stories about garden birds such as the magpie robin.
  3. Expand the project to include mapping other wildlife in the area.
  4. Bringing the community and schools to map sightings of birds and other wildlife via an online, googlemap recording system with pop- up windows in which the community can both upload sightings of wildlife alongside stories, memories of encounters with wildlife in the area..

Job Scope
The job scope of the outreach and logistics coordinator would be to oversee the following:

  1. Contact with schools and other relevant community institutions in the Queenstown-Tanglin Halt area.
  2. Liaise with biology/history teachers and assist in the initiation of small scale projects with schools involving mapping of bird and or other wildlife and/or memories of birds and wildlife in the Tanglin Halt/Queenstown/Green corridor area.
  3. Where possible (together with team members) involve members of the Tanglin Halt Queenstown population who already have an interest in bird life (songbird lovers) etc in this process.
  4. Oversee the setting up of an online googlemap page where citizens of the area can record wildlife sightings and stories of wildlife.
  5. Co-organise and participate in (together with the project group as a whole )in a professional bird mapping survey and integrate the results of this survey into the online googlemap system.
  6. Formulate/refine key criteria and objectives by which these initiatives can be measured and evaluated.

Project development
Further details and breakdown of the jobscope/honorarium can be developed by the successful candidate. We will also permit a candidate to further creatively develop the project in liaison with the project group members. The coordinator will be offered a market-rate, part time honorarium for this project.

Alternatively, we are also open to this project becoming part of an official, independently-developed citizen-science research initiative on the part of an MA student.


  1. We are ideally looking for an MA or honours student with experience in both wildlife monitoring, organization and outreach.
  2. We would like this project to commence as soon as possible.

Interested candidates are to send a short bio and details of your experience and interest in this project to:
Lucy Davis,
PI Bird People in Tanglin Halt Project

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