13 Dec 2012, Thursday: 10am at DBS CF1 – Alex Yee on Regeneration of Tropical Secondary Vegetation in Human-Modified Landscapes

Qualifying Examination

“Regeneration of Tropical Secondary Vegetation in Human-Modified Landscapes”

Speaker: Alex Yee Thiam Koon (Graduate Student, Dept. of Biological Sciences, NUS)
Date: 13 December 2012, Thursday
Time: 10am
Venue: DBS Conference Room (S3, Level 5, #05-01)
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Hugh Tan Tiang Wah


Secondary vegetation is a type of vegetation that regenerates through natural processes from previously human- or naturally-disturbed land, degraded land or abandoned plantations. Moreover, secondary vegetation has distinct differences in forest structure and communities as compared to the original condition. Secondary forest is now a major forest type in the tropics, and its area is expanding. Secondary vegetation may be important for species conservation as it can house old-growth forest species. Understanding factors and processes that can affect the regeneration of secondary forest species can help in conservation decision-making. Therefore, I attempt to investigate the species composition of tropical secondary forests, and the processes affecting their regeneration. I will focus specifically on the regeneration of vascular plants in secondary forests of Singapore. I will conduct field observational studies on the regeneration of secondary forests in abandoned plantations and previously cleared land in Singapore. I will also investigate the regeneration of forest that was recently impacted by a strong windstorm in Singapore. Finally, I will synthesize my findings with a literature review and meta-analysis of factors affecting the regeneration of plants in tropical secondary forests.

All are welcome

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