FTTAs at digital literacy classes!

Aussie John Larkin is one of my Macintosh buddies whom I worked with in the 90’s. He’s back in town to conduct some classes at CDTL.

The FTTA’s, Sylvia Law, Cai Hongxia, Xu Weiting and Amanda Tan, are enjoying a teaching break during Reading Week and used the time to sign up for John’s classes.

He was escorted to class today by my Mac buddies Laurence and Kenneth who sent me this photo after the first session:

L-R: Sylvia, Hongxia, John, Laurence, Weiting and Amanda.

Teaching staff including the FTTAs are always learning, seeking new ideas for implementation into lessons, skills which we think undergrads would find useful, techniques for more interesting lesson delivery or admin techniques which free up time for everyone.

We’re not trigger happy about implementation though. Each idea needs to be evaluated and tried out. So even as semester ends, we are sniffing out new ideas to wrestle with in the months ahead, before the tough Semester I begins.

And not all this learning is over formal sessions. Some of the best learning takes place informally over a meal!


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