Volunteer help with discus fish surveys at Aquarama, 30 May – 02 June 2013 (UK student’s research project)

Anita Wan is an MSc research student from the University of Kent in UK, studying the ornamental fish trade of discus fish. She will be conducting a part of her research at Aquarama from 30 May to 02 Jun 2013 and is looking for volunteer help.

Discus fish by niomix2008
Discus fish by niomix2008

Anita’s project aims to determine the different attributes and drivers associated with market demand for discus and its variation within and between discus strains for the ornamental trade. Such attributes include color, patternation, overall fish shape, bred type and price.

Potential differences in consumer preferences will be evaluated by conducting choice experiments and card sorting exercises, targeting towards actors involved at different levels of the market chain, including exporters, importers, retailers, breeders and end-buyers such as hobbyists from the general public.

Volunteers are required to act as surveyors and conduct consumer questionnaires and preference ranking exercises to both trade and public visitors from 30th May –  2nd June 2013 at Aquarama 2013 which is being held at Sands Expo & Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands.

If interested, please email Anita at anitawan.11@gmail.com.


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