Finally – custom print textbook + e-book bundle for LSM1103 Biodiversity!

I started talking to text book publishers a few months ago and was really happy to be able to send out his email to incoming students in the LSM1103 Biodiversity module. Publishers are working hard to get the custom print + ebook option in the NUS Science Co-Op by mid-August.

I’m also getting the tingles because the start of semester is almost upon us!

“Dear students,

welcome to NUS!

I am happy to alert you about a new option regarding your textbook for this module. Students use either Solomon, Berg & Martin’s Biology (9th Edition) or Reece et al.’s Campbell Biology (9th Edition) for the chapters on microbiology, botany and zoology, which are found in Part V of these large texts.

For the first time, we have arranged the following with publishers:

  • A bundle of just Section Five of the text book in black and white.
  • The e-book of the entire publication (all sections) in colour valid for a year.

This means a much lighter textbook which comes with the entire e-book, at almost half the original cost of the book. This option will be available at the NUS Science Co-Op once the semester begins. Students in the module will be alerted by email once the publishers deliver this new stock.

You decide which option you prefer. The Co-Op is currently stocked with the original, complete textbooks in full colour.

If you have queries, ask us at the lecture!

See you on Tuesday, 13th August 2013: 4.00pm at LT25.



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