NUS Commencement – Life Sciences graduates receive their scrolls!

Monday 15th July 2013 was the Life Sciences Commencement, a happy day!

Our Life Sciences grads were groovy – they took photos with their own cameras, shook hands with and hugged some academic staff and the NUS President enroute to receiving their scrolls, striking the “Live Longer and Prosper” Star Trek greeting, pushups on the railing to strike a bodybuilder pose, taking a photo of the audience, cheering their friends and whooping to the audience and the valedictorian for the Biodiversity Crew rendering a wonderful speech fort the cohort!

All the best for the journey ahead of them!

My apologies for the over-exposure of my face! But you can see how cheery I was despite wearing a tie. So send me your photos especially if you took lab photos. I lost track of them on Facebook.

Finally wearing a tie – once a year, can lah.
With Amy Choong, my BSc classmate (ours was at Kallang Theatre)
2013-07-15 14.43.27

Academic train awaiting entry, time to goof off before we get serious!
L Roman Carrasco, David Bickford, Sanjay Swarup

2013-07-15 14.54.40

2013-07-15 14.55.54

2013-07-15 17.05.13

Liu Shan Shan and Otterman, photobombed by David Bickford
2013-07-15 17.58.08

Valedictorian Soh Yi Hui who did a truly great job.
I hope to get first years to listen to her speech.
2013-07-15 18.28.55

Presenting Dr Karenne Tun, one of the authors of the Singapore Blue Plan
2013-07-15 18.03.30

Dr Chong Kwek Yan, urban ecologist
2013-07-15 18.07.46

Drs Keven Ang and Lim Wei Ling, who also ran NUS Cat Cafe as research students!
2013-07-15 17.46.20

Otterman’s honours students! (Geraldine Yeo, Neo Pei Jun and Chua Jia Yu)
2013-07-15 17.56.02

2013-07-15 18.06.39

More goofing off
2013-07-15 17.57.34

“Live Long and Prosper!”
2013-07-15 18.16.27

Even Rudolf Meier was smiling (needs to work on it though)
2013-07-15 18.09.27

Ang Yu Chen showing his boss (Rudolf Meier, above) how its done.
He’s graduating next year for sure. That’s what his boss says, menacingly!
2013-07-15 18.09.09

Some old farts at commencement, promising to be back next year
to celebrate with graduands (Amy Choong, N. Sivasoth & Cynthia Lee).
2013-07-15 17.21.04

Happy NUS Commencement 2013! (Geraldine Yeo)
2013-07-15 18.06.57

NUS Commencement Jul 2013

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