Job: Part-time student research assistant in freshwater invasion biology

Update: Positions have been filled as of 01 Nov 2013. Thank you for your interest!

Part-time student research assistant wanted

Part-time student research assistant required to help collect data on visitors to selected water bodies around Singapore. This data is for a study investigating factors affecting the distribution of an alien species in Singapore. Start date negotiable.

Job Scope

  1. Record the number of visitors to selected bodies within a particular time frame on 20 weekday mornings (1 to 3 sites to be visited each day).
  2. Aid in collection of water samples from the survey sites.


  1. NUS undergraduate student.
  2. Responsible and able to work independently.
  3. Familiar with locations around Singapore and able to travel independently to various study sites.
  4. Able to commit to 2 to 3 hours of work for 20 weekday mornings (not including public holidays).




Please contact Ng Ting Hui, Freshwater and Invasion Biology Laboratory, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore. Email:


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